Thursday, October 19, 2017

Why isn't wavy hair goth?

Continuing the theme of last week's post, where I wondered why gold isn't goth, I turn to hair. So, I've always hated my hair. It's very thick, curly/wavy. I've always wanted straight hair, which was "traditional" goth style. I used to straight-iron my hair to get looks not unlike these instagram users:

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Why isn't gold goth?

For me, personally, this has been the year where I rethink all the conventional dark fashion "rules." And there are rules--there's a difference between someone who is just wearing black and someone who is counter-culture. But for people in high school and college who were dressing this way to be "unique" or "rebellious," I'm sure they were eventually disappointed:
"[I found a place] where I can be appreciated for my originality" 
For some reason, gold was never goth. I have theories: 1: the good stuff was too expensive for youth culture. 2) it traditionally doesn't go with cool-toned pale makeup and blue-black hair. 3) it was popular with parents and old people.

Maybe. I'd argue that it doesn't have to be don't need to get solid gold. Brass would work too:

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Personal Style: what's in/out for fall

I'm packing away my spring/summer clothes right now and am kind of overwhelmed with how much stuff I have--it seems like my apartment shrinks more and more. I'm recycling a bunch of stuff with H&M's recycling program (you get a 15% off coupon!) and selling a few things on Poshmark, including this Victorian cybergoth dress I hate so much:

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Sephora Subscription Box

I'm not really a big makeup person, and most of what I have is old and stale and should be thrown out. I very rarely wear it. But I heard about Sephora's $10/mo sample subscription box and thought that that was the right size and the right price (and the right quality) for my barely-there beauty needs. So, this is September's box. These are all sample sizes:

Thursday, September 21, 2017

New York Fashion Week Ready-to-Wear Highlights

NY fashion week for spring/summer 18 has come and gone. Here are a few notables that I'd like to discuss.


 Ashish was really the only one who screamed "I'm goth" and, yes, it's likable and wearable. But it's basically the goth brands...except sequins.  You got the Wednesday Addams thing above and the nu-goth ironic sweater below. Yawn.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Corrective makeup: undereye bags

It was my birthday yesterday, and as my 30s continue to march on I'm starting to, um, look older. I'm still lucky to look great for my age, but it's kind of weird to be undergoing a second puberty (I'll spare you the details). But one thing I notice the most is the skin under my eyes getting darker and saggier. Regular foundation doesn't usually do the trick in hiding it: